So Ross, if the Ghost in Hamlet is an Evil Spirit, then what does that make Mufasa in The Lion King

Literally Satan, how did you miss that

but then why did Simba win was he possessed

Mufasa (Lucifer) is “thrown out of Heaven” when Scar drops him off the cliff. And note Scar’s name—it reflects Christ’s scars. We are never given an explanation of Scar’s wounds; this is because they are primarily symbolic of stigmata.

Scar overthrows Mufacifer’s racist lion regime and brings in the disenfranchised Hyenas in much the same way that Christ promises to open the Kingdom of Heaven to “the least of these” and cast out the rich.

The Lion King is a deeply satanic film about the son of the Devil killing Christ and undoing his Kingdom and I do not recommend it.



Besos de ceniza, alma quebradiza: Este viernes, el volcán ecuatoriano Tungurahua emitió una columna de ceniza de 10 kilómetros de altura, así como rocas candentes pulverizadas. La erupción duró cinco minutos. [x]

Ashes kisses, shattering soul: On Friday, Tungurahua and Ecuadorian volcano produced a 10 kilometer high smoke column along with hot pulverized rocks. The eruption went on for 5 minutes.